Wills & Estates

Peace of mind.

If we were to suggest a ‘must-do’ in life, it’d be to plan for death. By this, of course, we mean putting your affairs in order and having a properly prepared, legally binding will.

If you die without a will, you are said to have died intestate. The division of your assets and property then become a government matter – to be adjudicated by departmental officials. This costs money and doesn’t always provide the best outcome.

Newman Lawyers assist in preparing wills that are considered and legally binding.

We always stress to people the importance of discussing their wishes with all concerned before making a will. That way, everyone is informed and on the same page. Too often, we’ve seen the fallout from poorly considered (or uncommunicated) wills.

Newman Lawyers charge $395.00 (+GST) for preparing a simple will, which is a small cost for peace of mind.

Probate – Probate is a document that formalises a will, and allows an Executor to carry out the task of administering the wishes of the departed loved one (including the transfer of property and funds). Applications for Probate are made to the Supreme Court. We make these applications.

Power of Attorney – An individual gives another person (trusted friend, family member or professional) Power of Attorney to act on their behalf financially. Depending on circumstances, it may be for a short, specified period or an ongoing arrangement, and the amount of financial control can be stipulated. We can draw up a standard Power of Attorney for $100.00 (+GST)

Advanced Care Directive – this replaces the Enduring Power of Guardianship and enables a person to choose a substitute decision-maker to make decisions for them to maintain their own wellbeing. We can assist in the completion of the Advanced Care Direction for as little as $160.00 (+GST).