Public Liability

Diligence, care and support.

A Public Liability case is pursued by a person who is injured anywhere outside of their home. The legal process is more ‘traditional’ – the outcome is decided by a judge through the Common Law system. However, it is not just a matter of turning up at court with a grievance and a doctor’s report.

Like most areas of personal injury law, Public Liability is very complex. Negligence needs to be established, while carefully considering and assessing any long-term impact the injury may have caused. That’s why it is essential to have qualified legal advice right from the start.

Newman Lawyers have been involved in Public Liability cases since 1998. We know exactly what’s involved in achieving fair and rightful settlements. The process can be a protracted one, but our diligence, care and support remains constant throughout.

We believe in people’s right to be compensated and supported for any disability or hardship caused through negligence.