About Us

People First.

Newman Lawyers was established in 2013 by us – Simon and Julia Newman. It was a natural evolution after 15 years of practising at Angela Bentley & Associates, where we learned (through trial and trial) to become better lawyers – to treat our clients with empathy and compassion.

Before we were lawyers, we worked in the ‘real world’. Simon has an Accounting Degree and worked in the car industry. Julia has a Business Degree and worked in advertising. We feel we’re better lawyers for not always being lawyers – it’s given us perspective.

For us, success is measured by the well-being of our clients – in everything we do, whether it’s a Personal Injury claim or a Property Settlement, we favour a co-operative, respectful approach. It’s proven to be far more successful for our clients, both financially and emotionally.

Personal Injury law is something we are passionate about – we understand the devastating effect pain and trauma can have on a person’s life. We’ve had a great deal of experience and success representing people with catastrophic injuries (particularly those who have been involved in car accidents). Simon is a former chairman of the Brain Injury Network of South Australia.

Separation is another legal process in which we have a lot of experience and expertise. Both of us are qualified Collaborative Practitioners (and members of the International Academy of Collaborative Practitioners) which allows us to offer a more holistic approach to separation, giving our clients the opportunity to achieve swift settlements that work for all concerned.

Supporting us are our kind, hard-working staff, all of whom have worked in the legal profession for a long time. As a practice, we believe in a ‘people first’ approach to law, where respect for the individual and open and honest representation create the best outcome.

julia and simon newman