Car Accidents

The impact after the accident.

Personal injury cases involving car accidents used to be relatively straightforward, but changes in legislation have significantly limited the parameters in which individual cases can be assessed. That’s why, more than ever, it’s important that people seek legal advice as soon as possible.

Insurance companies are businesses, and, like all businesses, they want to be profitable. So it is in their interests to minimise claims brought against them. They attempt to achieve this through a process for which people have very little understanding and virtually no control.

Newman Lawyers, on the other hand, believe people deserve to be compensated fully for their injury, pain and suffering. We make sure every aspect of a client’s claim is assessed thoroughly – not just for the impact it has had on their life, but the impact it may continue to have.

We are very experienced in car accident litigation, and represent our clients with compassion and understanding. Our advice is qualified and considered, with the aim of a presenting the most favourable risk/reward scenario.