Personal Injury

Compassion and belief.

Personal injury is traumatic. Whether it’s from a car accident, happens at work, or occurs while walking down a street, the long term affects can be life changing. Unfortunately, we speak from experience – Newman Lawyers have been representing Personal Injury clients since 1997 (at Angela Bentley & Associates).

We believe in the true context of Personal Injury Law – those who suffer through the negligence of a third party deserve to be compensated. It sounds so simple, but the laws are becoming more and more complex. That’s why it’s very important to obtain legal advice early on in the process.

When someone contacts us with a Person Injury claim, the first thing we do listen and see if we can help them. And by help, we’re not just talking about winning a case, we mean providing them with access to the best possible treatment. In a vast majority of cases, what people want more than compensation is to feel well again (or to minimise the long term effects of their injury).

Every case we accept is dealt with compassion and a belief in our client’s right to compensation. From this premise, we work assiduously towards obtaining a fair and rightful settlement.