Family Law

Exceptional legal representation.

At Newman Lawyers, Family Law is about finding the best possible outcome for our clients, one that is sustainable and fair, with the least possible impact upon the family dynamic. Each case we undertake is different, every client is unique, and we act accordingly – with empathy and professionalism.

Newman Lawyers provides expertise in all areas Family Law. We are experienced, caring and diligent. We listen, advise and deliver, from the most amicable separations to the more involved ones:

Collaborative – We are engaged to act as legal facilitators in a separation process known as Collaborative Family Law. The other party also engages a collaboratively-trained lawyer. The process is positive and forward-looking, involving constructive discussion based around achieving the best outcome for all concerned. We recommend the collaborative process because it’s fair, minimises stress and saves money.

Conventional Negotiation – We are engaged to represent a client in a separation settlement. Most people would be familiar with this process – it’s where both parties negotiate through lawyers because there’s been a breakdown in communication between them.

Litigation – We are engaged to represent a client in the Family Court, where settlement is decided by a judge. This usually occurs after negotiation has failed. We have many years’ experience in litigation, and understand the emotional stress it can cause. We build supportive and inclusive relationships with clients so we can best represent their interests.

Mediation –We are engaged to support a client through mediation. The two parties have not been able to agree, and wish to use a mediator to facilitate their separation settlement. The mediator offers solutions based on what is discussed at a series of meetings. It can be a worthwhile process if both parties are on relatively good terms.

Consent Orders and Financial Agreements – After property and family issues have been settled, each party may apply to the court for a Consent Order. We apply on our client’s behalf. Once sealed, it provides a number of tax benefits and other advantages. People wishing to formalise a financial settlement can do so without having to go through the court – we draw up a binding Financial Agreement outlining obligations.

Divorce – Once a couple is legally separated, a divorce may be obtained. It’s important to obtain legal advice when filing for divorce because there are legal time limits associated with the process. They can create all sorts of pressures and stress if parties aren’t emotionally and legally prepared.

Whatever your current situation and your hopes for the future, we at Newman Lawyers do our utmost to provide you with exceptional legal representation.