Collaborative Family Law

Bringing couples together through separation.

We are big on Collaborative Family Law at Newman Lawyers.

If there is a good way to legally separate, it’s through Collaborative Practice. It creates the most positive, sustainable outcomes for both parties, and it’s quick and cost-effective – often, just two or three collaborative meetings is all it takes.

Collaborative Practice is a legal process, conducted in a manner conducive to resolution, where both parties are future-focused and can see the many advantages of an amicable settlement.

Often, parties opt to include a financial expert and/or a family relationship expert as part of the collaborative process. Our job, as trained Collaborative Family Lawyers, is to act as legal facilitators. During the meetings, both parties discuss their futures – interests, goals, dreams and fears. And, if they are parents, what they both want for their children.

In the collaborative process, both parties talk about how they see their separation and future working. That way, division of assets can be decided in an informed and productive way.

Collaborative Family Law is about letting go of the past and looking towards a better future. It’s about making the legal process of separation less painful and protracted, and certainly less expensive.

Newman Lawyers are adept at Collaborative Family Law – we see how well it works, the stress it avoids and the positive outcomes it produces.