Medical Negligence

Passion and endeavour.

If ever there’s a must-have case for legal representation, then Medical Negligence is it. Establishing medical negligence requires diligence, persistence and expertise.

Medical Negligence is not necessarily a poor outcome after medical treatment – the doctor has to have breached an expected standard of care, causing a condition that should not have occurred. Negligence may also be established if a doctor has failed to inform a patient of the risks associated with treatment.

Compounding the onus of proof is the fact that we are dealing with a respected, close-knit profession with a lot of financial backing. It can seem like a David and Goliath battle, but this is where Newman Lawyers come to the fore. Through our national and international connections, we are able to obtain objective, unbiased medical opinions from experts in their field.

Above all, we provide ongoing support for our clients and pursue all cases with passion and endeavour.