Family Law

Just as modern families come in all shapes and sizes, so do family law issues and the ways in which to resolve them.

We understand that most parties want fair and cost-effective advice. Many want their family law issues solved as professionally and amicably as possible in order to avoid additional stress and to preserve wider family relationships and dignity.

We embrace and promote ways in which to solve family law issues productively, constructively and cost-effectively. We strongly believe that each spouse should maintain a true sense of control over matters and feel that all outcomes are timely, fair and reasonable.

We believe a collaborative approach to solving your issues is usually the best option for families, with litigation being a last (but sometimes inevitable) resort.

We urge you to obtain early practical advice as issues arise with respect to:

  • binding financial agreements
  • separation 
  • divorce
  • children’s arrangements 
  • child/spousal maintenance 
  • property settlement
  • consent orders

Remember that many legal time restrictions apply so prompt advice is vital.